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The Papua New Guinea media is often described as ‘free’ and ‘vibrant’ compared to other media in developing countries in the region. The style of journalism and the news values are based on the Western model familiar in developed countries, where...
This article explores the West Papua issue through the Papua New Guinea news media. It seeks to identify the reasons behind the decline in coverage of West Papua in the PNG press. It provides an historical background to the West Papua conflict and...
'The editor of the Solomon Star, John Lamani, says Oseah Philemon's style of writing is very direct and always has the feel of the common people.'
'Although we are not properly constituted, the Government does listen to us. We have actually issued our first edict— telling the advertising agencies what to do and when to say it. It is rather an interesting concept.' 
The PNG Post-Courier is one of the most influential and independent newspapers in the South Pacific. Rumours of its likely sale to business and political interests close to Prime Minister Bill Skate stirred a recent controversy. 
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