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understanding conflict

War Isn't Hell, Its Entertainment treats one of the most debated issues of our times i.e. the relationship between war and media, in a similar manner. The book offers no apology for the existence of such a relationship. 
This article explores and challenges the hypocrisy and misrepresentations surrounding Western media reportage of the global ‘war on terror’.  While the so-called Coalition of the Willing has introduced a rash of new anti-terror laws since 11...
For journalists in New Zealand bemused by the apparent paranoia in Australia over the issue of 'boat people' in the wake of the international incident on the high seas off the northwestern coast involving the Norwegian freighter Tampa. Peter Manning...
How well has the mass media in the South Pacific fared covering military, social and political conflicts in the region— such as Bougainville? What are the problems encountered by journalists covering such disputes?
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