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Volume 1, Issue 1

The NBC radio gag
November, 1994

Cover cartoon: Jada, The Times of Papua New Guinea 1994.

PJR 1(1) 1994

November, 1994

ISSN: 1023-9499

In this issue…

Journalism and related information and mass communication issues have a dearth of outlets in the South Pacific. While the region's news media has developed technically in leaps and bounds in the last decade and journalistic standards have risen, the region's information profile remains much the same. The major newspapers remain dominated by foreign ownership - the newst daily, The National in Papua New Guinea, is Malaysian-owned - and television/radiop remains, in spite of the increasing number of privately owned FM broadcasters, in the hands of the state or, in the case of PNG's EMTV, and Australian television network.

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1. Editorial: Introducing PJR
David Robie


2. The 'untouchables' era
James Pinder
3. When the deadline becomes death
David Robie
4. The NBC Islands gag
Neville Togarewa
5. Rabuka and the reporter
The Review
6. Women in the media
Anna Solomon
7. Bush Bugarup
ABC Four Corners programme
Deborah Richards
8. PNG's new information order (in waiting)
The role of the media in PNG 1
Rev Oria Gemo
9. The prophetic role of Christian media
The role of the media in PNG 2
Fr Diosnel Centurion
10. Ethical dilemmas for the PNG media
The role of the media in PNG 3
David Robie
11. A free ride to propaganda
Sorariba Nash
12. A frog's head, old ashtrays and student politics
Jessie Waibauru
13. Six years too long [Bougainville]
The Times of PNG
14. Forum: New message without fear or favour
Margaret Obi


15. New World myths
David Robie
16. Media hypocrisy
David Robie
17. Tapping the global electronic village
David Robie