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Volume 10, Issue 1

The public right to know
Special PR2K edition with ACIJ, Sydney
April, 2004

Cartoon: Peter Sheehan, The Walkley Magazine 2004.

PJR 10(1) April 2004

April, 2004

ISSN: 1023-9499

In this issue…

This special edition of Pacific Journalism Review published a selection of the papers presented at the Public Right to Know (PR2K) Conference in Sydney in October 2003. The annual PR2K conferences are a project of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) at the University of Technology, Sydney. The 2003 conference was the third in the series.


1. Editorial: The republican factor
Chris Nash

Special reports

12. Obituary: A guerrilla and a one-man band
Mark Worth, documentary filmmaker and journalist, 1958-2004
Ben Bohane
13. Obituary: A hard-nosed, hard-case ‘scoop king’
Warren Berryman, investigative journalist and publisher, 1939-2004
Jon Stephenson


14. Bullying the public broadcaster: Threatening the ABC's role
Quentin Dempster
15. How tying funding to 'good behaviour' hits critical NGOs
Andrew Hewett
16. Terrorism by media: Coverage of the Ahmed Zaoui affair
Steven Price
17. NZ journalism unit standards: Are they still needed?
Frank Sligo
18. Without fear or favour
An open letter to my colleagues in journalism education:
David Venables
19. Fiji's 'embedded journalists'
Tupeni Baba
20. Review Clarification
Geraldene Peters