Pacific Media Centre Pacific Media Watch Pacific Journalism Review Asia Pacific Report

Volume 16, Issue 2

Media freedom in Oceania
October, 2010

Cartoon: © Malcolm Evans

PJR 16(2) cover

October, 2010

ISSN: 1023-9499

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In this issue…

Most of the commentaries in the October 2010 edition (v16 n2) edition of Pacific Journalism Review were presented at the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day conference hosted by the University of Queensland in Brisbane in May 2010.

Authors include Papua New Guinea Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek, Pacific Freedom Forum coordinator Lisa Williams-Lahari and co-chair Susuve Laumea; Samoa Observer publisher and editor-in-chief Savea Sano Malifa, Cook Islands News managing editor and secretary/treasurer of the Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) John Woods; Transparency Vanuatu president Marie-Noelle Ferrieux Patterson; Vois Blong Yumi Project leader Francis Herman; and Pacific Media Centre director Associate Professor David Robie.

Research papers include several about the three-month-old Media Industry Development Decree, “collaborative journalism”, the non-government organisation and civil society community and “life under censorship” in Fiji, and one article focuses on two newspaper case studies in media freedom in Tonga.

In the editorial, Associate Professor Martin Hadlow of QUT noted that the UNESCO conference “provided a platform for journalism and media professionals from the Pacific region to gather in special pre and post-conference workshops to discuss concerns and fears about repressive regimes”.

Supported by a grant from the UNESCO Office of Pacific States, this edition of PJR – now in its 16th year of publication – was jointly edited by Martin Hadlow, Marsali Mackinnon and managing editor David Robie.


1. Editorial: Great is truth
Martin Hadlow


17. Review: Swimming with Sharks and other books
Scott MacWilliam, Lee Duffield, Heather Devere, Michael Meadows, Michael Bromley, Ushar Sundar Harris, Selwyn Manning, Evangelia Papoutsaki, Sandra Kailahi and Rukhsana Aslam
Evangelia Papoutsaki, Heather Devere, Lee Duffield, Michael Bromley, Michael Meadows, Sandra Kailahi, Scott MacWilliam, Selwyn Manning, Usha Sundar Harris
18. Review: Action-packed travel? Yes. But analysis? Forget it.
Scott MacWilliam