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Volume 22, Issue 2

Journalism education in the Pacific
December, 2016
PJR 22(2)

December, 2016

ISSN: 1023-9499

In this issue…

GOOD journalism remains central to the needs of the Pacific and her people.

Good journalism education is central to this issue of Pacific Journalism Review, which features a selection of papers on journalism education in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Drawn mostly from the papers presented to the Fourth World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC16), and the preconference organised by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) and the Pacific Media Centre with the Media Educators Pacific (MeP at the Auckland University of Technology in July, they all reflect the importance of good journalism and good journalism education.

Speaking at the opening of the preconference, University of Auckland Associate Professor Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa said the profession was vital for bringing the Pacific community together. Dr Salesa, director of the newly founded New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research, which sponsored five Pacific media educators to attend the conferences, said journalism helped people engage in the public sphere.

Excerpt from the editorial.

Note: This December 2016 edition will be published in January 2017.

WJEC16 coverage on Asia Pacific Report


1. EDITORIAL: Finding the Pacific voice
David Robie, Philip Cass

Special reports

11. SPECIAL REPORT: Causes for concern: The state of New Zealand journalism in 2015
Folker Hanusch, Geoff Lealand, James Hollings, Ravi Balasubramanian