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Volume 3, Issue 1

Ting Ting Bilong Mi
Cartoons by Campion Ohasio
June, 1996

  Campion Ohasio ... robust cartoon style.Photo: David Robie

PJR 3(1) 1996

June, 1996

ISSN: 1023-9499

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Campion Ohasio is a Solomon islands cartoonist and journalist. Without any art lessons in his homeland - or anywhere - he honed his trenchant cartooning skills for three years on Uni Tavur, the award-winning newspaper produced by journalism students at the University of Papua New Guinea. This volume is a collection of his cartoons.


1. An introduction to Campion Ohasio
David Robie


2. 1993: The campus
Campion Ohasio
3. 1994: Wan Kantri
Campion Ohasio
4. 1995: The region
Campion Ohasio


5. Acknowledgements
Campion Ohasio
6. Index by author