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Volume 6, Issue 1

Millenium mayhem
East Timor and West Papua
December, 1999

Australian journalist Mark Davis and Kelly Kwalik in West Papua (Irian Jaya). Photo: ABC Four Corners 

JPR 6(1) 2000

December, 1999

ISSN: 1023-9499

In this issue…

This edition is the second published at the University of the South Pacific. BLOOD ON THE CROSS  By Mark Davis. An ABC Four Corners team investigates allegations about the role of the International Red Cross and the British military in a massacre in the Southern Highlands of Irian Jaya during May 1996. The text of the controversial programme which won Davis a 1999 Walkley Award.  



1. Millennium mayhem
David Robie


2. Blood on the cross
East Timor and West Papua 1
Mark Davis
3. Dutch role in hostage crisis
Paul Brouwer
4. Sandline's mercenaries helped Kopassus
East Timor and West Papua 2
Peter Cronau
5. Running scared- how the media left Dili
East Timor and West Papua 3
Liam Phelan
6. Rebuilding the Press
East Timor and West Papua 4
Sonny Inbaraj


7. Fairness, balance and the Pacific media
Oceania Press Councils 1
David Robie
8. The Fiji experience
Oceania Press Councils 2
Daryl Tarte
9. PNG's rocky route to self-regulation
Oceania Press Councils 3
Luke Sela
10. Tonga and the independent press
Oceania Press Councils 4
Kalafi Moala
11. Gagging the Samoa Observer
Oceania Press Councils 5
Savea Sano Malifa
12. Reporting diseases in the Pacific
Trevor Cullen
13. Browsing the Pacific
Al Hulsen
14. Café Pacific and online censorship in Fiji
David Robie
15. 'Not in a pakeha court': Kastom and Pacific media
Philip Cass
16. A genuinely free press?
Ian Ward
17. Public broadcasting and the intelligent butterfly
Patrick Craddock
18. Fiji news media faces crisis of ethics
Chaudhry and the Fiji Media 1
Mahendra Chaudhry
19. War of words with publisher
Frederica Delailomaloma
20. Fiji Times hits back at PM's allegations
Chaudhry and the Fiji Media 2
The Fiji Times
21. Why the media must remain free
Chaudhry and the Fiji Media 3
Daryl Tarte
22. Transparency and the Fiji news media
Chaudhry and the Fiji Media 4
Ikbal Jannif
23. Behind the 'mad cookie'
PROFILES IN THE MEDIA: Lisaleilani Williams
Luisa Tora
24. 'OP'- chief with big heart
Tomasi Raiyawa


Duran Angiki