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Volume 7, Issue 1

Crisis and coverage
Fiji coup, Solomons and PNG
August, 2001

A Ben Bohane photo of Fiji military commander Voreqe Bainimarama with troops from Pacific Journalism Review 7(1).

PJR 7(1) 2001

August, 2001

ISSN: 1023-9499

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This edition is the third published at the University of the South Pacific.

PARADISE EXPOSED: Is the region's Fourth Estate up to it?  By Mary-Louise O'Callaghan Should the local press bear some of the responsibility for the political turmoil that has engulfed the South Pacific, asks this article in the first of a series of regional perspectives on crises and how the news media have handled them. Great news is rarely good news for the countries involved. pp 10-19


1. Culture and conflict
David Robie


2. Paradise exposed: Is the region's Fourth Estate up to it?
Coverage of Crises 1
Mary-Louise O'Callaghan
3. Champion of the free press
Mary-Louise O'Callaghan
4. The Bure Newsroom
Coverage of Crises 2
Michael Field
5. Copy versus custom
Coverage of crises 3
Jale Moala
6. Media and the coup
Coverage of crises 4
Samisoni Pareti
7. The day Siti was battered
Reggie Dutt
8. Controversial Close-Up
Coverage of Crises 5/ Fiji Television coup programme transcript
Alison Ofotalau
9. Frontline reporters: A students' internet coup
Coverage of crises 6
David Robie
10. Coups and conflict
Coverage of crises 7
Anthony Mason
11. Media ethics in elections
Coverage of crises 8
Richard Naidu
12. Fiji military exorcise ghosts
Coverage of Crises 9
Ben Bohane
13. PNG's Year of the Gun
Coverage of crises 10
Richard Dinnen
14. Asia-Pacific overview
Coverage of crises 11
Kavita Menon


15. Crisis of conscience
Biman Prasad
16. Student baptism of fire: Reporting the kerosene lamp blasts
Joe Weber
17. Civil society and media: The relevance in Fiji, Tonga and PNG
David Lea
18. The social construction of humour
Cartooning in the Pacific
Steven Ratuva
19. Trauma and reporters: And the reporting of suicide in media
Anna Shadbolt
20. Behind the gold medals
PROFILES IN THE MEDIA: Wainikiti Waqa-Bogidrau
Andrea Waqa
21. Live with 'Radio Tevita'
Noora Ali
22. Banned from the Pacific
Bernadette Hussain


23. 'I couldn't stop crying'
The Uni Tavur Testimony 1
Wanita Wakus
24. Chronology of a protest
Uni Tavur
25. 'Dear Mum and Dad'
The Uni Tavur Testimony 2
Estella Cheung
26. Reporters and the police: Too close?
Ana Tupueluelu
27. Talking the wrong talk?
Paul Geraghty